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with permission from BadAssTechnologies Deviant Art

VB64(Alum6 T4 IDE)

In Development !

Executive Brief.

  • What Is T4? It's a RAD IDE (Rapid Application Development, Integrated Development Environment) called T4 featuring object awareness and explicit declaration checks.

  • What's Alum6? It's a new syntax. It looks like a Java / C hybrid but with a language paradigm nearest VB6.

  • What's the Compiler? T4 TransCompiles for extensibility to a growing range of compilers allowing you the choice. If using the VB6 compiler, the new T4 IDE gives true VB6 compatibility.

  • What's VB64? Well, here we must confess -- it is not a 64 bit version of VB6. It is the name of the project -- Virtual Builder 6, T4. If a 64-bit compiler is available and used, it is of course 64-bit.

  • What's it like? The IDE and Syntax have been designed to be familiar to VB6, Java and C users (with emphasis on VB6, the classic RAD still favoured by many as the "go to" software tool). You can choose styles -- if you prefer the classic If condition Then Code or If(condition){Code}, you've got it. Similarly with loops, procedures etc. If you want procedure Overlay (unavailable in VB6), you've got it. If you want an OOP approach to using strings as objects, you've got it.

  • What's the Point? The software world has been blighted by vendor lock-in and career fracturing obsolescence. Alum6 T4 is designed to be sufficiently familiar and flexible to appeal to a wide range of coders. It offers something unique -- a genuine guarantee of consistency. The skills you learn today will not be thrown on the junk pile of tomorrow, they will not be pirated and flung about by uncaring self-seeking Harvard/Oxford suits, they will be respected and maintained. Compilers and operating systems may change, and you may have to adapt, but your skills remain vital and never redundant.


The official Alum6 T4 IDE logo

Ammonia Borane By Ben Mills Ownwork Public Domain Wikimedia Commons, slightly modifed. B Mills is not responsible for it's use here.

Modern, lightweight, compatible, upgraded, future proofed, supported, consistent RAD!


..Used with permission from BadAssTechnologies Deviant Art.

Abbreviations, Attributions & Acknowledgements:

  • Microsoft (or MS) stands for Microsoft Corporation (One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA 98052-6399 USA), United States -- all rights acknowledged/reserved. OS = operating system.

  • VB6® = Visual Basic 6® development suite owned and supplied by MS. MSDN® = MS developer network.

  • Alum6 T4TM or T4TM or VB64TM stands for Virtual Builder 6 TransCompiler 4 published by QSL (Queensgate Systems Ltd, UK).

  • The Ammonia Borane icon (6 connected balls) is by Ben Mills "Ownwork" Public Domain Wikimedia Commons, slightly modifed.*1

  • VB64 ("64") logo is used with kind permission by BadAssTechnologies Deviant Art.

  • Icon Set for toolbar theming is used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License *1 and provided by Silk Icons *1. The only icon modified was the binoculars (find.png).

See also ''Terminology'' and footer for more terms and acknowledgement.

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